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As a young adult age 18-33 years old, you may find yourself comparing your relationships and achievements with friends, co-workers or peers. Perhaps, you are comparing where you are now, with where you always expected you would be, and feeling that you come up short. Sometimes family and friends can join the chorus, with “shoulds” and “musts.” Sometimes the “shoulds” and “musts” do not line up with “what feels right.” It can be very stressful to identify the best decision, especially when financing ideas and dreams need to be factored in to that equation. If you find you are feeling isolated, experiencing mood issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, worry, anger regarding your identity, path or direction, or feel that you do not have access to the things you want most, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment, I can help you manage negative emotions, empower you to develop healthy life habits, and support you in developing a path that works for you, for now. You are not alone!

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