Private Pay Complete Confidentiality:​your case record is the property of Samaritan Counseling Center; information would only be released if legally required or if you gave your consent. Type of Treatment: ​treatment can focus both on specific crises and on changing long­term patterns. Unlimited Number of Sessions: you won’t need to worry about being denied sessions; treatment can be growth­oriented; there is no time limit. Life Insurance Policies: ​no medical record exists that could interfere in your gaining other policies. Payment​: often, fees can be equal to a copay that increases overtime; if a pre­tax account is used, you may even pay less than some copays. Medical Flex Account/Cafeteria Plan:​some employers allow you to set aside annual pre­tax dollars to pay for medical expenses. This can reduce your costs for counseling even more; depending on your tax bracket, you could save approximately 25% of the cost of treatment; check with your employer to see if they offer such a plan, as many require a sign­up each year.

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