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​I would like to congratulate you in taking this important step towards gaining more  freedom and empowerment. 

There are no instruction booklets that come with our children. Sometimes what other adults may believe is common-sense parenting, does not work with your child. You may have tried other people's suggestions, bouncing back and forth between what feels right to you, what family advises, and friends recommend....but may feel at a loss if advice has not been helpful so far. Children's behaviors are not always a reflection of their upbringing. Whether, this is the case in your family or not, there are evidenced-based interventions to help you deal with daily challenges of parenting.

It is a good parent who is aware that their parenting style is not impacting their child as they would prefer, and reaches out to gain support from a professional.

Although the focus of parent training and counseling is on the behavioral problems of the child, the focus of treatment is on providing information on childhood behavior, presenting evidenced-based interventions to help you manage behavior, coaching parents/guardians in persistence in the change process; meeting with parents to collaborate and tweak interventions to fit family's preferences. You are the expert of your family, I am the expert in interventions that will facilitate you in gaining the skills you want to teach your child self-management, self-regulation, self advocacy.

I am an accredited Primary Triple P Coordinator. Happy to provide services to individual parents and groups in community organizations. Whether your having problems or just want parenting support, Triple P is for Every Parent!

I am happy to provide you with the tools necessary to manage common childhood problems that impact behaviors such as ADHD, disobedience, bedtime problems, tantrums, separation anxiety, interrupting, fighting and aggression, and much, much more....call and schedule an appointment, I would like to help!