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New counselors mentoring/coaching

It is likely you are managing multiple responsiblities. You may not have expected it to be this challenging, when you began this path, maybe you did-but that does not make it any easier. School, grades, classroom group work, family needs, maintaining personal friendships, work, internship/practicum, studying for exams, licensure, anxiety about the future, supervision and cost, maybe you would like to process world events without concern for judgement on where  your politics stands, whatever you bring is fine....I invite you here, to process where your personal life contacts your counseling career. Sitting on the "other side of the desk," can facilitate your growth as an empathic counselor.  If you believe in the benefit of counseling, this is a good time to experience the benefits of confidential, safe, nurturing support just for you. 

Since 2011, I have provided my counseling brothers and sisters from across the country, with online environments to gain partnership, understanding, support, to information-share, and network via meeting platforms or face to face, and social media. Hundreds of counselors have expressed appreciation for the interactive, grassroots online communities, that resemble provincial neighborhoods, filled with family, friends and kind neighbors. No big business attachments, it's just us, developing each other, protecting our field, doing what we were meant to do, being thoughtful and supportive of personal growth and positive change.

I would like to extend my support to counselors in the making and new counselors providing coaching/mentoring sessions, utilizing person-centered therapeutic skills.  My goal is to support you through challenging times, help eliminate barriers to achievement, promote your efforts, and provide helpful resources based on your identified needs.

The fee for this service is $50.00 per half hour.  Sometimes all you need is a little pep talk from an experienced professional, to get you back on track.

If you are interested in hypnosis for test anxiety, please let me know, the cost is $150.00 per session.

If you have not already done so, please join the first and the best grassroots counseling exam study group on Facebook to enhance your personal network of support.

Facebook: or Counseling Examination Study Groups NCE and NCMHCE FB/LI

You will find over a thousand individuals from across the country, whom are close to graduation, or have just completed requirements. As a community, we offer each other a collaborative, nurturing environment; a safe place to use counseling skills to bolster independence, self-help and group study.  Click under the "files" tab it is loaded with resources that we have found, created, and/or uploaded just to share with you!  We are grassroots (no big companies involved, though they want in) and free!


Our sister LinkedIn page,  offers feedback and support from people whom are (literally) on the same page as you!   We offer the opportunity to create study groups, resources for studying, and verbal celebrations as a result of our successes! There is nothing like asking a question, or seeking support and receiving gentle responses from other counselors within a short period of time. The environment is collaborative and nurturing, a great place to role model counseling skills for each other while bolstering confidence, and self-esteem.  We are grassroots, and free!

Lauren Dornell Neal

​LPC, LCAS, SAP, CH, EAS-C, EDIT™ Certified II
Well Being Transitions Counseling and Consulting Services