What is coaching?

Imagine talking to someone who listens intently to every word you say without analyzing or judging. You are encouraged to talk about what’s important to you right now, your dreams and schemes and things that are challenging for you. You are gently held accountable to the change you seek. You are asked questions that let you know you have been heard. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it. It is!

Together, you and I develop strategies to make the changes you want to make, and move in the direction you want to go.

Best of all, there’s unconditional support and encouragement. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s incredibly powerful.

Life Coaching

This is your day

Lauren Dornell Neal

​LPC, LCAS, CH, EAS-C, EDIT™ Certified II
Well Being Transitions Counseling and Consulting Services


​I would like to congratulate you in taking this important step towards gaining more  freedom and empowerment. 

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