Individual Therapy

Individual therapy supports you in reaching goals or overcoming problems. As your Therapist, I will help you to understand and resolve issues in a confidential, caring and efficient manner. I will help you feel safe and supported while challenging you to grow and move past obstacles.

Individual psychotherapy involves regularly scheduled sessions, meeting 1-4 x per month. Sessions may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts, feelings, desires, hopes, or relationships. We will assess your needs, hopes and expectations, and build a treatment plan to help guide our work together. By creating a flexible structure, and sharing experiences with a trained professional counselor – you get to talk about your life, preferences, values, with someone outside of it. Objective, non-judgmental, compassion, trust and safety are the key to our therapist-client relationship.

Individual psychotherapy offers a powerful setting for communication and disclosure that may be difficult to discuss in other aspects of your life. As the relationship between the client and therapist develops, therapy provides a framework where you are more comfortable and feel more competent in creating the life you desire. At a pace that works for you, past experiences, events, feelings and traumas, current emotions, patterns, stressors and events enables us to work together to integrate the past with the present.

It is healing to feel understood in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. Whether your concerns are with expected or unexpected transitions, relationships, developing healthy lifestyle habits, controlling unhealthy habits, or parenting are in the right place to become self-aware and explore what awaits for you in the wings of change.  

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