How does Hypnosis Work?


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Hypnosis is a natural state that many of us achieve regularly at various times throughout the day. For example, after arriving at your destination after a drive, you may think "how did I get here so quickly?" You were able to drive a familiar path, seemingly automatically, while thinking about other things that matter to us or grab our attention.

When this happens we typically have shifted to our unconscious mind, which is responsible for automatic skills, habits, repressed thought. If during hypnosis our full attention is required, we would be able to re alert if we needed to.  For example, while watching a football game, a movie or engrossed in a great book, someone may seek our attention by calling our name, and we may not hear it on a conscious level initially.  It isn't that we are not in control over our minds at that moment, in fact, if there was an emergency, we would be able to "snap out of it" and respond appropriately. It is that we are at that moment focused and absorbed on something that interests us.

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