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Family Therapy


Lauren Dornell Neal

​LPC, LCAS, CH, EAS-C, EDIT™ Certified II
Well Being Transitions Counseling and Consulting Services

Family therapy focuses on the interpersonal relationships of family members. Bringing the family together creates a wonderful experience where children and adults blossom. If there is tension, hurt feelings, unresolved conflict family therapy can help.

The purpose of the family unit is to provide support, love and safety for its members. When families face special challenges, family members may need help to avoid or reverse destructive patterns. Family therapy addresses these challenges – divorce, remarriage, additions or losses in family membership, violence, grief, illness, addiction and life-style issues. Working together in therapy, families can help reduce the hurt, foster positive interactions and allow trust to develop. Even long-standing hostility or conflict may be replaced with positive, nurturing behaviors. Gently, and with mutual respect, family members can learn to support and feel safe with each other.

Family therapy provides an opportunity for all family members to come together for mutual support and re-integration. Too often, families splinter because they don’t have the therapeutic environment and/or don't take the time to work through family issues. As your Therapist, my purpose is to ask questions, to support the family and to insure that everyone is heard, and reframe past events so they don't become "stuck points." Members working together on their difficulties often find new ways to participate as a family. In this setting, issues can be honestly addressed and family living improved.

Family problems can be a reflection of the parental relationship and it is not unusual for children to misbehave when there is strife between the parents. On the other hand, parents may fight more frequently due to their child’s difficulties. Family therapy is helpful because the connections between these events become clearer. Parents then learn different parenting skills and can learn to work together as a team. I am a Accredited Triple P Consultant for Primary Care, and glad to support you in reaching your parenting goals.

The benefits of family therapy (short version): By uncovering the needs and true feelings of various family members, empathy can be developed and nurtured; conflicting needs are now out in the open where they can be understood, discussed and resolved. The family begins to function better, self–esteem is maintained and new, healthier ways of dealing with others become a part of the new family repertoire.