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For over 12 years, I have had the opportunity to provide therapeutic services in a variety of counseling environments, to individuals, groups, families in homes, schools, universities, and community organizations, across the lifespan, ages 6-99+. My current focus is ages 11-70+.

I have an Eclectic/Transtheoretical approach to counseling and therapy that enables me to select the best techniques from various theories that I believe will work best for you.  An Eclectic Approach supports the use of diverse tasks, tools, strategies obtained from a broad knowledge of effective therapeutic techniques, that will serve the needs of diverse clients seeking services related to mental health, addictions, hypnosis, transitions and problems of everyday life.  

I also have a Transtheoretical Approach to counseling and therapy which offers an empirically researched, integrative approach to counseling in particularly addictions counseling. The Transtheoretical Approach identifies change as an important factor in clients’ healing process. The Stages of Change Model used in the Transtheoretical Approach identifies 5 stages of change: (Precontemplative, Contemplative, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance). Utilizing the following therapies, I am able to aid you in defining tasks and techniques helpful in promoting you to the next successive stage toward change: Psychodynamic Therapy; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Humanistic/Experiential Therapies (including Play for children); and Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis. I look forward to discussing the 5 stages with you.  I do not expect perfection of you, and relapse is typically part of the human condition.  I am your partner in the change process. During assessment and treatment planning we will collaboratively identify the modality that works. 


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Lauren Dornell Neal

​LPC, LCAS, SAP, CH, EAS-C, EDIT™ Certified II
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