As parents, we want the best for our children. We can want to prevent our children from making the mistakes we may have made, or we may see a developing problem and want to step in and guide before problems get out of control. Research indicates that one in five children ages 11-17 struggles with a mental health disorder. Without treatment, these disorders can lead to higher rates of suicide, violence, school dropout, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and incarceration.

Children can appear to reject parental guidance.  It can be challenging communicating needs to your child. When your child refuses to listen or comply to parental rules, unhelpful family patterns can develop, as parents can try harder to be heard-feeling frustrated, hurt or angry.  During adolescence, it is normal for children to prefer to turn to their peers for advice. At times, parents may communicate wants or make demands of their children, which, unwittingly triggers child’s behavioral problems- especially if your child disagrees, or feels unheard. When children demonstrate negative emotion or behavioral problems, sometimes parents respond by also engaging in negative emotions and behaviors, in this way, negative family patterns, and ongoing resentment can be born. How do you step out of the loop of negativity and role model stability, confidence and self-regulation for your child especially when current research recommends avoiding power struggles, especially with defiant children? How do you get back into the role of respected guide?  How to you trust natural consequences without feeling like you are giving up on your child?

I would like to help you and your child. It is important to act quickly, before unhealthy patterns of behavior become habit for family members. I will provide an objective voice, reach out to your child and help teach healthy communication, conflict management, self-regulation, self-advocacy, effective problem solving, and medication compliance- if needed. These factors create a sense of empowerment for your child, to make healthier choices in line with healthy goals for moving toward adulthood, which is what parents want. I will facilitate you in identifying preferences and expectations that may conflict with whom your child may be wired to be; while helping you to continue to convey your preferences and expectations and other important messages that only you as a caring parent can provide. The dynamic that is occurring now, is not helping. Change is a family responsibility.  I will help you bring to light and decrease parental behaviors that can unwittingly trigger negative behavior responses in your child. I am happy to create a safe secure space for individuals in your family to identify and communicate needs and preferences, and accept each other with respect. I am available to see children from 11 through 18. Whether your child suffers from behavioral problems, trauma, anger, depression, low self-esteem, I can help.

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