Lauren Dornell Neal

​LPC, LCAS, CH, EAS-C, EDIT™ Certified II
Well Being Transitions Counseling and Consulting Services

Whether you are an adult seeking job change or, a parent advocating for your student, or first generation college student, unanswered questions can feel like barriers to achievement. With the current costs of education, it makes sense to identify a educational or career plan that is doable from the "get go;" Identify resources or activities that will add value to your career. Problem solve needs Knowing your rights Identify availalbe resources to ensure that you are supported for parents to want to help their child to engage in college preparation as early as middle school. Whether you are a high school student who may need support in preparing to attend college; an adult who is considering a career change; a young adult who is a late bloomer and feels motivated to achieve now; it is helpful to fine-tune plans to identify specific goals, explore possibilities to add value to decrease opportunities feeling demoralized, for indecision, lack of motivation or progress, prior to taking on the large investment Let me help you build an success plan that reflects you

  • How do you pursue the career field of you are interested in?
  • How do you select a school?
  • Which academic discipline is a good match?
  • Which career field is the best fit?
  • How can performance be improved?
  • How do I get what I need to

In sessions, we can identify skills, abilities, strengths, experiences, values, preferences, achievements for develop an integrated, holistic plan that is doable, in synchronicity with who you are and where you are going. 

With 5 years of experience as an Academic Adviser, at a major university, I am passionate about supporting students, career-changers, and "students to be" of all ages, in feeling more confident about attending school, maintaining grades, identifying majors, career fields, addressing barriers that impact achievement, problem solving, supporting good mental health, and as a benefit saving time and protecting your financial investment in education.

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​I would like to congratulate you in taking this important step towards gaining more  freedom and empowerment. 

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