​I would like to congratulate you in taking this important step towards gaining more  freedom and empowerment. 

Would you like to establish a healthier relationship with food and exercise?

Whether you are a self-described "food addict," crave specific foods, or you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, you are in the right place for support!  I am a Certified Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapist.  Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ is the treatment approach developed by Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS – it has been used in clinical practice for more than 20 years, and it is based on five principles which Dr. Dorie learned as a result of her own journey of recovery from eating disorders. EDIT™ involves a shift from the voice of the eating disorder (ED) to the healing wisdom of the Intuitive Therapist (IT), facilitated by ED-IT dialogues with an EDIT™ Certified practitioner. This comprehensive method guides clients to improve body image, make peace with food through intuitive eating, develop healthy coping skills, enhance overall Self-Care, learn how to prevent relapse – and much more. The overall outcome is “complete recovery” – where the individual is free of eating disorder behaviors, and has reconnected with their True Self.

I will become part of your clinical team to support your goals.  Don't have a Clinical team? No worries! I am part of a strong multidisciplinary community team dedicated to your holistic health.  Unhealthy relationship with food, as you may have sensed is typically not about food.  Together, we will collaborate in identifying how you are doing today, what are  your needs, obstacles to optimal functioning,  rounding up professional and natural supports you can count on, factors that will help you move forward, at your preferred pace. I strongly believe that you have what it takes to heal totally, and manage food without spending your life tied to dieting.  

Change is not easy, it can sometimes make people want to quit prematurely...I will partner with you in maintaining realistic expectations, motivation and authentic engagement in the change process.

Each day, you become healthier as you think more positively, value what is good about you, spend time with positive, supportive people, develop positive statements about yourself, and remember that media projects unrealistic, standards of beauty.

Lauren Dornell Neal

​LPC, LCAS, CH, EAS-C, EDIT™ Certified II
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